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Space City Pediatric Dentistry

As dentists, we do not encourage snacking on sugary treats throughout the day. However, we don’t discourage patients from completely staying away from sweets. We love cakes, cupcakes and brownies as much as the next guy! As a special treat, we have an instructional DIY on an easy easter cake that parents and kids can do together. The easy part of this cake is not having to worry about making the icing look flawless for it to look beautiful. The thing we love most about it is how cute and fun it looks!

Make your favorite cake and favorite icing. When icing your cake, you don’t have to worry about how it looks because you will just cover it all up. First thing you would do is cover the sides with kit kats. At first, I tried placing the kit kats without breaking them apart but I decided it would be a lot easier to cut the cake if the kit kats were broken apart. The only thing with breaking them apart is that it’s impossible to completely cover the sides. Some of the icing will show through which is why I would recommend chocolate icing.  This was my first time making this cake so I learned a few things.  One of the things I would change would be the type of icing I would use. The icing won’t be as noticeable if it matches the color of the kit kat.

photo 1        photo 2


Next step is to place egg candies/chocolates on stop. Leave the center empty to leave space for the bunny you will place later. You can place each candy one by one neatly but I wanted it to look like a pile of eggs.  Make sure you don’t put too much candy. Otherwise, it might get too heavy and your kit kats won’t be able to hold.
photo 3


Making the bunny is the last step. I like working with gummy paste rather than fondant because I think it’s tastier and easier to work with. After you add the bunny, the cake is ready to show off! photo 4      9                 7      8

Super fun cake decor and  easy enough for kids to be part of the process.  Just remind them to brush their teeth after consumption 🙂


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